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Phoeboa Rei Buen
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ENGAGE: My Ideal Wallet

If asked what kind of wallet would I want to have, I’d always say a compact but “is-able-to-bring-everything-I-need” type of wallet. Under the 3 minute time given to us to visualize our ideal wallet, this is what I think the wallet of my dreams would look like.

Honestly, I am not a fan of the rectangular wallets we women usually use. I’d want a wallet that is almost similar to what men use but still has a feminine touch to it. The compact foldable wallet. The wallet is not limited to color black, I’d also want it in beige or nude. A color aesthetically pleasing and would match the outfits I’d wear everyday. Inside the wallet only the necessities are required to bring. Just like cash, card holders for valid ID’s and ATM card, and a small compartment where I can put pictures of my family and friends. I’m a very sentimental person, that’s why from time to time I do changed the pictures in my wallet. Another compartment for emergency details. Just in case something happens to me, usually wallets are the first one to check and I’d always want to be prepared by providing contact details of my parents or siblings. Lastly, my initials “P.B” because there’s a sense of belongingness to it. I know that it is mine and was made just for me.


For this activity, I interviewed Llord Christian Peralta. During the interview, I noticed just how Llord wanted his ideal wallet to be simple. Plain black leather, with compartments that are able to keep important things just like his receipts, cards, driver’s license, money, and a portrait of his family. He would want his ideal wallet to have a compartment for coins as he uses them every time though it worries him that this might scratch the cards inside he would often bring an extra coin purse for it. Also, it’s always a must to bring his wallet everywhere and every time except if he accidentally forgets it.


Digging deeper in terms of color, style, and reason to why keeping a family portrait, here are his answers. In terms of color, his ideal wallet is not limited to black but it would always be on top of his preferences as it would always look new and it won’t get dirty right away. For style, he would like his wallet to be made out of leather for aesthetics. A family portrait kept to keep him inspired and it makes him feel closer to them. Another thing I find interesting, that in his ideal wallet he would have 2 1000 thousand peso bills. I then asked if it is necessary to bring such amount and to his answer he said he always tend to keep extra cash with him but not necessarily 2k. He tries his best to always set aside money to act as his savings. Thankfully, he hasn’t experienced a situation where the cash with him was not enough.


Llord would want a wallet that would serve its’ purpose. A wallet that is able to carry the important things he would always bring. A wallet that may seem simple but would actually also reflects his personality. A wallet that is always prepared in times of emergency.


The ideal wallet of Llord shows how practical he want it to be. Not really too extravagant with design or color. Not too big but just the right size for him to use it to its full extent. An ideal wallet that is simple but still fits his aesthetics as a person.


After the interview and digging deeper to Llord’s ideal wallet, I came into a conclusion that Llord would want to have a wallet that is perfect in terms of size, simple and pleasing to the eyes, a color that would still make it look brand new. A wallet that would serve its purpose.


Problem: Llord needs a wallet that is compact and simple but would still hold its purpose of having to provide for his necessities. A wallet full of the things he would always need but not making it too big.


After presenting how I visualized Llord’s ideal wallet, for him it was almost perfect. It got all the essentials he needed in a wallet. The design of his ideal wallet was good and he liked the idea of adding the coin compartment outside his ideal wallet so that he wouldn’t have to bring an extra coin purse with him. When asked for any room of improvement he said maybe just adding another card slot.


After getting his feedback, this is what he wanted to be improved



What worked?

Showing Llord the prototype with the minimal changes done, I think the design for him is ok. He liked how compact the wallet design is but still giving him its full potential. Being able to make him bring the necessities he needs.

What could be improved?

The prototype showed to Llord was ok. It might not be the perfect one for him but I appreciate how he liked it.


When asked for further improvements, it was already ok for Llord and was satisfied with the design


Maybe for corresponding ideas, I’d like to suggest another way for the coin purse. I still do think that it would look bulky despite it being located outside the wallet to protect the cards inside. I do think maybe a chain connecting to a smaller coin purse would be a good idea. Another one would be seeing the design in another color since Llord did say that it is not limited to color black only but it’s only his preferred color.


  1. How did talking to your interviewee inform/influence your design?

Getting his preference was needed to visualize the ideal wallet Llord wanted. Without the interview, showing him a design that doesn’t fit his standards would just be harder. The interview helped in a way by being the guide especially that it his ideal wallet and getting information will bring the prototype to life.

2. How did testing and getting feedback impact your final design?

The feedbacks were really nice honestly. Without getting feedbacks would only mean that there’s no room for improvement. Getting his feedbacks (even though only minimal) still made an impact to the design cause it was still his ideal wallet in the end.

3. What was the most challenging part of the process for you?

Maybe our separate schedules outside school. Unlike taking this class physically, it would be a lot easier and faster to get the information or details needed since we are in the same room at the same time. Though it may be easier now with the help of technology, still we have our own separate lives outside of our online setup in school. Still, the outcome of this project was very nice.



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