Journalism Skills

(Blog Entry №1)

Growing up I never really knew what I wanted or who I wanted to be. What were my goals? What was I looking forward to? Who do I want to see 10 years from now?

Time-skip to college entrance exams, I had to make a decision. A decision that will create a path towards my identity in the future. I chose Bachelor of Arts in Communication as my program. With so much to learn about my chosen path, I felt like an outcast still figuring out who I really wanted to be.

After a while I knew who I wanted to be…

It was because of Chiara Zambrano, a Filipino journalist. During our freshmen year, me and my peers attended PMC where Ms. Chiara was a speaker. During her talk I felt inspiration and fear. Fear because being a journalist wasn’t an easy job. Just like from the clips she presented during the event wherein she was exactly at the location where a war was happening. I knew someday it would be me or someone I knew from college. But I felt inspired too, I had hope when she said “Doing it for the people.” (though not exactly the words but it has the same meaning). Because after all, I wanted to choose a path wherein I wasn’t only serving for myself but for the people mainly. I thank Ms. Chiara for changing my mindset and making me want and eagerly work harder for a path I never knew I would walk.


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